Anwendung 1

The active facility is suitable for longer-term installation, where access to drinking water, waste water and electricity can be arranged. For example, on permanent camp sites or in all areas where the availability of utility and disposal pipes is not a problem. Where electricity is available the πPee can also be heated, therefore protecting it against freezing. It is then winter-proof. In addition, the active facility also has no need for the cyclical maintenance, supply and disposal cycles for waste and freshwater. 

Anwendung 2

The passive facility is a mobile module that can be positioned wherever a delivery and cleaning service has access. It is therefore suitable for short-term or seasonal use for events in isolated regions, on temporary camp sites or in underdeveloped areas where no utilities are available. If electricity is available, then the passive module can also be heated, of course. If no electricity is available, solar modules and batteries provide for lighting and the display of the water tank levels. Depending on the level of use, the filling, cleaning and maintenance of a passive facility must be undertaken by a mobile disposal company.


Unable to get building approval?


No problem, the πPee only requires an installation permit from the authorities, where necessary.



Where do the passive facilities get their electricity from?


If none of the necessary electrical connections are available at the site, our photovoltaic off-grid system (solar module, gel battery) delivers the necessary current for the lighting and operation of the electro-mechanical tank level displays.



What kind of foundation do I require?


πPee is positioned on two squared timbers. (Douglas fir, coated). Long-term installation requires two strip footings (20 x 80 x module length base plate). In addition, a gravel layer is also recommended (15-cm thickness x module surface).



How does installation occur?


Following measuring-up and ordering, delivery of our πPee occurs on one day via truck. Unloading is via truck-mounted crane and installation subsequently takes just a few hours. It is also possible to create modular combinations of multiple OutHouses.



Who performs the cleaning and provision of freshwater for the passive facilities?


With the additional equipment that we can supply it is possible for you to do this yourself quite simply (information on professional cleaning agents is available from our partner »kühn). Alternatively, filling, cleaning and disposal can also be undertaken by mobile cleaning companies. All that needs to be provided is access to the tanks.